Welcome to the Maintenance and Operations

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Maintenance and Operations Work Order Request

Important contact information

Person/office Number
Director of Maintenance and Operations, James Buchanan 925-969-4275
Maintenance and Operations office 925-969-4282
Facilities/Day Custodial office 925-969-2055
Evening Custodial phone 925-969-4278
Fax Number 925-798-4324

Important forms

If you have questions regarding these forms please contact Nancy Tolton at 925.969.2055 or campus extension 22055 or feel free to email questions to NTolton@dvc.edu .

Rental of Facilities

Trip and Van forms


Please call the office if you are experiencing an emergency so we can dispatch someone as soon as possible. Our extensions are 24282, 22055, and 24275.

Examples of emergencies:No electrical/power, no HVAC, gas/bad odors, water leaks, elevators not working, etc. – please be aware that you will need to follow up with a work order as soon as you are able.  Please follow up with a work order after you have called the office to report your emergency.

For all non-emergency issues, please complete a work order and we will assign a technician.

Questions regarding your work order? Please contact us and have your Ticket ID number available.

Department Personnel

Maintenance and Operations Office

Director of Maintenance and Operations

James Buchanan

Oversees the department
Administrative Assistant III
April Doty
Oversees office, handles Maintenance and Grounds service calls, assists Capital Projects Program Director, and Director of Maintenance and Operations.
Administrative Assistant III

Nancy Tolton
Facilities rentals, van use and van rentals, oversees set-ups, surplus, and day custodial services
Office Assistant II
Assists with office work, helps in warehouse as needed, assists Facilities department as needed
Maintenance Area
Maintenance Mechanic

Steve Carriger(Interim)

HVAC, Electrical, Lighting
Maintenance Mechanic
Fred Jafari
HVAC, Electrical, Lighting
Maintenance Mechanic
Gene Paris
(SRC and DVC)
HVAC, Electrical, Lighting, Scheduling at SRVC
Senior Equipment Maintenance
Electrical, Fire Panels, Lighting, some HVAC
Senior Equipment Maintenance

Gordy Geranen


Plumbing, Odors, HVAC, Carpentry, Pool, ETC.
Senior Equipment Maintenance
Jeff Gibson
HVAC, Electrical, Lighting, Fire Panels, Plumbing, ETC.
Senior Equipment Maintenance
Thomas Carmans
Pool, Elevators, PM’s, some Lighting, HVAC, Odors
Building Maintenance Worker
Marco Gomes
Lower half of Campus – minor installations/replacements/repairs, key issues, door/lock issues, signage. 
 Building Maintenance Worker
 Aaron McCoy
 Upper half of Campus – minor installations/replacements/repairs, key issues, door/lock issues, signage.
Grounds Area
Lead Grounds Worker
Troy Ricard
Oversees Grounds crew; works in all locations as needed.
Grounds Worker II
Richard Humphreys
Lot 10, Fields, Gym, Locker rooms, PE,
Grounds Worker II
Appiah Appalsamy
Lots 5 – 7 including overflow 7A, Science Center, Advanced Technology Center, Administrative Building, Learning Center, Faculty Offices, Family life complex, Business Foreign Language, Humanities
Grounds Worker II

Anthony Thomas

Lots 1 - 4; Library, WLC 1 & 2, Physical Science, Life Health Science
Grounds Worker II
Steve Valencia
Engineering, Math, Police Services, Music, Lake, Book Center, Student Services Center, Liberal Arts, Hospitality Services Food Court, Student Union, Outdoor Commons
Grounds Worker II
Chris Chatman
Lots 8 – 9, Buildings and Ground office, Art, Performing Arts Center, Arena, Tennis Courts, Horticulture.
Lead Grounds Worker (SRVC)
Terry Leak
San Ramon Campus
Senior Inventory and Receiving Clerk

Charles Bonds(Interim)

All shipping, receiving and deliveries
Shipping Receiving Clerk
Assists Senior Inventory Clerk
Custodial Manager
Frank Ichigaya
Manages evening custodial crew
Campus Facilities Assistant
John Dunivan
Set-ups, removal of furniture, set up of new furniture; custodial as needed
Custodian II - Day
Demis Pina
Assists with campus facilities, custodial items, graffiti
Evening Custodians

Moises Alverez
Aaron AlzarazJose Castellanos
Tony Dang
Napoleon Dejesa
Jose Estrada
Florentina Fraga
Tony Gabaldon
Dung Huynh
Jasper Jaswal
Michael Luna
Hao Luong
Quyen Mac
Johnny Marino
Phuong Nguyen
Guadalupe Rubalcava
Sohan Singh
Donald Sutherland
Arturo Torres
Sonny Tran
Richard Walker
Tony Williams
Eddie Wright